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Profit from Public Speaking: 7 Key Tips
Marisa DVari

bSell More Products and Services through Public Speaking/b by Marisa D'Vari 2003

When you launch a speaking career, you're not just a speaker.

You're a marketing person as well! Even if you are represented by a bureau, in the end you are responsible for booking yourself.

If you're just starting a speaking career and don't know where to turn, here's how to do it!

1. Join speaking organizations and network like crazy! The best known speaking organization internationally is the National Speaker's Association (NSA).

They have branches throughout the country.

In these organizations, you'll have the opportunity to take classes, workshops, and hear top speakers.

2. Chat up your local librarian! The libraries in all major cities have access to excellent resources where you can find places where you'll be paid to speak.

The value of a library is they have a wealth of expensive directories such as:


American Business Disk CD-Rom

Directory of Different Businesses

Media Week Directory (Annual)

Different radio, cable TV Stations Addresses

Yellow Pages

3. Local Chamber of Commerce

They're in the position to hire speakers and if you join, you'll meet people in the position to hire you.

4. Build the fact you're a speaker (and list prestigious clients) in every speech.

5. Create a "Tip Sheet" with promotional appeal!

A "Tip Sheet" is a "top ten" or other list of tips or valuable information that your target audience will find of "keeper" value.

Make sure ALL your contact information is printed on it!

Contact information should include:

Name, Address, Phone, fax e-mail, web site How to Book (yourself) as a speaker Subjects you specialize in Your slogan

6. Write for "target" trade organizations! Who is your target audience? Are you aware that virtually each trade organization has a magazine? Some pay well, some don't pay at all.

The glory is all in making your name -- and your "tag" (the fact you're a motivational speaker) appear at the end of the byline.

7. Develop a web site!

When your byline appears in articles, make it easy for people interested in your topic to contact you online!

Create titles that will grab immediate attention of buyers and audience and list them on your web!

So, Sell More Products and Services through Public Speaking! Good luck!

bMarisa D'Vari helps entrepreneurs develop their platform via media training, presentation skills, and media placement. Check out hundreds of free articles at her web site,, or subscribe to her ezine while it is still free by sending a blank email to /b
Marisa can be contacted at

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